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Model Comparisons

2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs 2018 BMW 3 Series 

  It used to be that “luxury” in the automotive world meant heavy and slow. But no longer! Today, shoppers can find a sophisticated sedan in a variety of body styles, including small sedans. If you have your eye on a small luxury vehicle, then the 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is worth a closer look.  

This sleek sedan receives a new 255-hp, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine under the hood, a new 10.3-inch central screen and redesigned LED head and taillights. But just how different is the 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class from BMW’s 2018 3-Series, which is available in a hatchback and a sport wagon? Here's a closer look at how the two model compare.Luxury brands rule the automotive industry, delivering all the best in performance, technology, comforts, and safety. Most drivers have their preferred-choice luxury brand, and Mercedes-Benz and BMW are two of the top favorites. To highlight one of the Mercedes-Benz flagship models, we put together this quick 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs 2018 BMW 3 Series comparison. Which one best fits you?  

When it comes to choice, the C-Class and 3 Series deliver with three available body styles to satisfy a range of driving needs. Both models offer sedan and coupe styles, but for the third option the C-Class offers a cabriolet and the 3 Series a sports-wagon. Drivers seeking luxury at an affordable price will be satisfied with both starting prices. The C-Class and 3 Series offer smooth, exhilarating performance and intelligent AWD systems to inspire confidence and peace of mind behind the wheel. View Our Inventory Here!